Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why don’t you updated anymore?

A: I moved to Florida at the beginning of 2013 and have been super busy with my non-online life, but I do try to update occasionally, I still and will always love the idea of a bucket list and this blog.

Q: What do you use to make the pictures?

A: photoshop cs2


Q: what font do you use?

A: arial 35 pt


Q: can you tell me everything you do to make the pics?

A: i’ll help out but i think you should do your own thing and use whatever font and style you like. when i first started this blog, i had to start from scratch and figure it out on my own, you should too.


Q: can i help you run this blog?

A: no, but i appriciate the offer.


Q: where do you get the pics that you use?

A: weheartit, getty images, sometimes google


Q: you worded one of my requests differently, why?

A: i like to simplify my pictures, and sometimes requests are too lengthy to use on a picture or are worded funny, so i’ll change it to phrase it the way i like


Q: i requested one about a celebrity but you changed it to just “meet” them, why?

A: when it comes to celebrities, i would spend forever and a day making individual requests for the same person. so instead any celebrity request i get, i’ll just make it a “meet”, you have to meet them in order to kiss them, hug them, get them to sign your shirt, etc. right?


Q: you didn’t make one of my requests

A: either

1. it’s already been made, check the list.

2. it’s very similar to one that has already been made and i’m not going to make 50 different versions of one picture just because someone wants it worded differently. (ex: “fall in love” & “fall madly in love”)

3. it is prejudice or offensive to others, and i simply won’t do that.

4. it’s of a fictional or ‘make believe’ nature, i won’t make it. this blog is for serious, actual ideas. (ex: “ride a unicorn”, “meet Albert Einstein”). you can’t meet someone who is dead or ride a fictional creature. Ones that deal with current tv shows (not movies, unless they haven’t started filming yet) like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ are for people who want to be on a show to work with those actors, not be transported into the tv universe. Be serious.


Things to note:

-please don’t send me the same request over and over again. My inbox gets full and it doesn’t help when I have 5 of the same exact request, I will get to them I promise.

. Notes . reblog